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Bolt on Shelving

General Purpose Bolt on Steel Shelving is an economical storage system for virtually any light-duty purpose. Manufactured from high quality steel and with a modern design, Bolt on Steel Shelving is designed for easy assembly and installation and can easily be relocated or adjusted. We also offer a range of accessories including cardboard bin boxes, linbins & label holders that work perfectly with the bolted shelving system.

Econorack’s bolt on shelving is light weight and easy to assemble.

Each unit consists of 4 angle posts, shelves your specification and gussets or bracing to add strength to the unit.

Our Bolt on shelving systems are perfect for the office, warehouse, storeroom or garage.

Shelving Models

Reference Tiers Description
B0/12 5 1800mm H x 305mm D x 914mm W
B1/15 5 1905mm H x 381mm D x 914mm W
B2/18 5 2210mm H x 457mm D x 914mm W
B3/24 5 2390mm H x 610mm D x 914mm W

Insert Bolts


Repeat per shelf

Attach Side Bracing

Attach Back Bracing


Corner Shelving

Corner Shelving is an innovative solution to fully utilise corner spaces, adding to your storage capacity and is the perfect accessory to the stand-alone shelving units by allowing you to maximise your shelving by adding extra space. The corner units are open units assembled with nuts and bolts.


  • Increased rigidity / stability of free standing units

  • Improved¬†storage¬†efficiency

  • Available in all popular¬†shelf¬†sizes

  • Highly durable epoxy-coated finish or Pre-galvanised finish

Download a PDF document that with the aid of a diagram indicates how our Shelving Systems are put together using the standard shelving components.

Download a PDF 5 Level Shelving System assembly diagram.

Download a PDF 6 Level Shelving System assembly diagram.

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