• High Quality Racking From The Office To The Warehouse

    High Quality Racking From The Office To The Warehouse

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Racking Systems

Industrial racking is a stronger type of steel shelving that can handle heavier loads which can easily be installed into your retail outlet, warehouse or commercial premises to maximise the your existing space. There are different types of racking ranging from light duty racking to heavy duty racking to suit your needs.

Econorack manufactures a range of static racking systems which are manufactured to the customers specifications. Pallet and longspan racking beams are adjustable at 76.2cm increments. Connector beams have a special design safety pin. Beam thickness is base on weight of products stored.

Econoracks longspan and light duty racking can be tailor made to meet your precise needs.

Our racking systems are versatile and strong, by using standard components, a variation of layouts can be formed to suit your storage needs, maximizing floor to roof space. All components are manufactured with precision and according to the highest standards ensuring durability and strength.

Light Duty Racking



Heavy Duty Racking

Timber Decking

  • 25mm Solid Timber Decks
  • SA Pine – Kiln Dried
  • Timber Slat Thickness  28mm. Planned to minimum 25mm. 55mm Wing on both sides
  • Fixed together by Nails

From Office To Warehouse

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